Tateyama-Ando Group
Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science (CLS)
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech)



Open recruitment: Assistant Professor, Tateyama Lab., CLS, IIR.

Application must be done through JREC-IN Portal. Please refer to this pdf for how-to-register JREC-IN Portal. The deadline is 24 December 2023 (Japan Standard Time). The detailed information will be found on the CLS homepage or Tokyo Tech homepage.


(NIMS) Dr. Seong-hoon Jang (NIMS postdoctoral researcher) moved to Kumagai Lab, IMR, Tohoku University for promotion to a specially appointed assistant professor. Congratulations, Seong-hoon-san!


Tateyama GL was appointed as Professor, Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science (CLS), Institute of Innovative Research (IIR), Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) on 1 October 2023. (Later on, this homepage will provide information from both Tateyama GL in NIMS and Prof. Tateyama in Tokyo Tech.)


NIMSインターンシップ生 Feye-Feng Luさん(台湾・国立成功大)が3ヶ月のインターンシップ(2023.07.03-)を修了しました。固体電解質のDFT-MD研究を行いました。


Vikram Mahamiyaさんが当グループJalemチームのNIMSポスドク研究員として参画しました。


英国Imperial College LondonのProf. M. Titiriciと研究室メンバーが当研究室を訪問し、セミナーを開催しました。